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Hey Y’all!


Welcome to my blog y’all.

Let me be frank with y’all…..where did that saying come from anyway? Was some guy named Frank just glaringly , annoyingly honest to the point that he drove his friends to use his name in this way?? I don’t get it!

So , just to be glaringly honest with y’all, I have no idea what I’m doing. I hope it doesn’t show too much. I’m very grateful for friends who know their way around the technology part of the blog world and generously offer their help!  But I’m trying to be obedient here, not just to the urging of my friends and family . But I’ve felt for a long time that I needed to find a way to share my stories with a wider audience because for some reason, every now and then God chooses to use for HIS glory those little old stories that make up my life. I thought I could do this by leading a small group and being as transparent as possible. Oh I do that. My faithful group of ladies has heard countless stories from me. I hope they haven’t minded! But I continued to feel that nudge that I needed to do more. So I started being way more transparent….and long winded… in my Facebook posts. This has been a successful way for me to show and tell stories of how God has worked through situations in my life, grown my faith and left His fingerprints all over my me. It was actually through many Facebook posts that people began to urge me to try this blog thing. They probably just needed more room on their newsfeeds for posts other than mine! Blogging may or may not help me cut down on long winded Facebook posts, by the way!

This next part feels a bit weird to me…..the part where I talk about myself and why and what I’m going to blog about. Maybe because this is the part where I could lose you. It’s also the part where you could sit back and say, “Hey, she’s OK. I think I’ll read more!” Honestly, whether or not anyone reads what I have to say is not up to me at all. I’ll just write what I feel God needs me to say at any particular time and leave the rest to Him. I have found that things usually work out best that way….when I leave the outcome up to Him!

So I’m just a simple girl transplanted from Texas to Georgia. It’s true what they say. You may be able to take the girl out of Texas, but you’ll never take Texas out of the girl. Maybe I made that up to make my Texas family feel better about the fact that I was 1000 miles away. And it’s possible you could substitute any state name for Texas and have the same sentiment. At any rate, I have one husband. We met in Georgia….we were both born in Texas. We have five children. Two Texas born daughters and three Georgia born sons. My husband and I have discussed what , if anything we should do to make the boys’ birth certificates say they were born in Texas just so we can all say we’re Texans…..but I digress.  Here they  are.   Once your children have the audacity to become adults and move out on their own, it becomes SO hard to get a picture of everyone  together.  This is the most recent picture I could find…..it’s two years old!  Josh is now about 2 inches taller than Alex and Noah is taller than both girls, so just try to picture that and you’ll have a current picture of my kidlets!


About 23 years ago, I was a 27 year old mother (I think I just divulged my age!!) with 2 small children. In the midst of a rather difficult time ( a sticky situation perhaps?) I heard very distinctly in my soul that I should hightail it out of Texas and move to Georgia. I was certain God had called up the wrong number and gotten the wrong girl, but alas, I packed the three of us up and hightailed it to Georgia. This was the very beginning of a journey that would draw me closer to my very favorite Person in the whole of eternity. And it’s there I’ll likely begin and intertwine this little “diary” of mine…..Stories from my past. Stories from my present But my hope is that through these very real stories, you’ll be able to find a piece of your own story and find yourself drawing closer to the One who loves you more than I can ever say in one little blog post!

So sit back and relax. I hope you’ll enjoy at least a little bit of what you’ll read here. I hope you’ll leave comments so we can continue the stories with great conversations. I’m really excited to share my stories….my faith stories. Because I know once I hit “publish”, it’s out of my hands and into His as to who He will impact, who He will leave His Fingerprints on . That part is what excites me! Oh Lord, use me, for it’s all to Your Glory…forever!!