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That “Crazy Oil Lady”


My hubster came home from his small group one night about a year ago with a tiny little amber colored bottle of something he called “essential oil”.  I can’t remember what it was but it was suppose to fix this pain he was feeling in his wrist.  I don’t remember if it helped it much or not.  I honestly didn’t pay that close attention because , well , that just seemed weird.  I automatically thought it wouldn’t work and didn’t think about it for another second.   

She was just a crazy oil lady…

I have pretty chronic belly issues.   I won’t bore anyone with the details of that but on another night, the hubster came home from this same small group with a bottle of oil that was going to help my stomach problems.   I’m not sure I even tried it.   Honestly, it just seemed like an odd way to cure a belly ache and well I was pretty sure I couldn’t be unfaithful to my tried and true stomach ache remedies.  

She was just a crazy oil lady after all…

It was a Thursday night early this past spring.   It was the first night my new small group was to meet.   About 2 hours before our group was to begin, I got a very uncommon migraine.   I rarely get these but as with most people who get migraines, I felt pretty awful. As much as I hated to do it, I sent a message to all my new group members postponing our first meeting to the following week.   Y’all want to know who one of my new group members was?   That “crazy oil lady”.   She immediately answered my text with “What’s your address?  I’m bringing you an oil for that migraine.”   And she did.   And it worked.  And now I’m thinking….

Hmmm…maybe she isn’t so crazy after all!

My curiosity was peaked.  In the weeks and months to follow, anytime I’d have an ache or pain or a sniffle, I’d wonder in the back of my mind if there was an oil to fix it.   So when I learned a few weeks ago that my oil friend  was loaning a bag of 10 different oils out to new potential customers, I sorta got excited.   I’d had a positive experience battling a headache.  After that I’d had a positive experience with an oil  fixing a stomach ache.   What would a bag of 10 different oils do?  I was looking forward to finding out.   


In 7 short days, doTerra On Guard boosted my immune system and helped me not get sick after being sneezed on by multiple 2 year olds at VBS!  Frankincense shrunk a small cyst that popped up on my foot.   Breathe opened up my sinuses and caused me to breathe freely at night for the first time in ages.  It also created a quieter night sleep for me.  Lavender calmed me.   Peppermint and Deep Blue eased the pain in my back…it got rid of my sons headache.  DigestZen helped my stomach issues.   Honestly, I found something happening in that week…..

I … was … becoming … a …crazy …oil … lady!


I’m not your typical natural, holistic type person.   I eat foods full of stuff that’s not good for me.  I don’t take vitamins like I should.  I don’t think about toxins or pollution or anything “earthy”.   I do own a NetiPot but that’s about as “holistic” as I’ve ever gotten … until now.  My first week with that “handy dandy bag of oil goodness” changed my way of thinking. There really is something to this oil thing!

You may notice a new tab in my menu.  I’m not changing the format of my blog or the stories I write and share.   But  I’ve added some information on doTerra Essential Oils to my blog.  I think it fits right in with my theme of LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH!   I have faith you’ll love these oils as they bring hope for a healthier you!         If you click on this new tab, you’ll be taken to my doTerra website where you can learn more about these amazing oils .   I’d love to help you discover the fabulousness of this product yourself so   I’ll be sporadically including posts about various “oily” topics as I learn more … sharing the experiences my family will have .   I hope you’ll stay tuned for more…