IMG_5380….or so said Josh, my 11 year old food connoisseur. (Though it appears to just be a normal grilled sandwich, huh?)   Though a few years have passed since Josh declared what I’m about to be sharing with you “eating happiness”, some things never change.   Like I don’t like to cook on Friday nights…ever!   There are just too many other fun things to do.   Like getting  lost in a Friends marathon on Netflix.   Or doing  laundry for crying out loud!   But this particular recipe is a …sandwich!  A sandwich!   Are sandwiches truly “cooking”?     Well, maybe, but I’ve given myself an out on my Friday Night No Cooking stance to pull this one out once again.    Another thing that hasn’t changed is my son’s love for this sandwich.   I made these last night and he still agrees with his 11 year old self on the happiness part of this meal!

This GRILLED CHICKEN AND PEPPER JACK SANDWICH…with BACON is really super good and sorta not like cooking.  Though cooking IS involved.  You do actually need to cook the bacon because, well, raw bacon is just yucky!!    And the grilled part of this treat is really what turns a plain old sandwich into something spectaular!   So off to Kroger I went for “fancy” bread and better than normal chicken. Lucky for me, the “fancy” wheat bread was on sale….you know the kind where you can see the whole grains and the crust has a bit of a crunch. And the Boars Head Ever Roast Chicken was also on sale…..of course, even on sale this pound of deli lunch meat cost more than the roast we ate earlier this week! But I’ll do anything to achieve “eating happiness”.

So here’s the list of ingredients…

  • A loaf of the fancy bread of your choice ( or you can go completely non fancy and get plain old white bread!)
  • Your favorite Deli style chicken (I like Cajun or Garlic Herb)
  • Tomatoes
  • Bacon
  • Sliced Pepper Jack cheese
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Mayo  (this is optional but I like mayo more than mustard)
  • Butter or Cooking Spray


And this is what you do…

  • Cook the bacon.  You can put your bacon on a baking sheet and cook it in a 375 oven for about 20 minutes or you can cook it the old fashioned way….frying it up in a pan!


  • Spread spicy mustard and/or light mayo on one side of whichever bread you choose for this joyful eating experience.  I like to put mayo on one slice and mustard on the other.
  • Then layer your thinly sliced, delicious, worth every penny of it chicken, a slice of pepper jack cheese, a few thinly sliced tomatoes and your bacon…unless, of course, you’ve already eaten it all (not that that would ever happen!)  The order you place all this on your bread is totally up to you.  Be creative !
  •  Now in this step you can either coat the outside of your sandwich with Cooking Spray or B U T T E R!   If you’re trying to watch your fat intake, cooking spray may be a better choice.  But if you’re wanting to take a walk on the wild side, totally go with butter.  I’m not 100% positive you will achieve “eating happiness” if you use anything BUT butter!
  •  Once your skillet is hot enough, carefully place your sandwich butter side down .  Flip when you feel it’s ready to flip….you want both sides of your sandwich to be golden brown and your cheese to be melty.


That’s it folks!    When you make this, let me know if it made you as happy as it did my son!


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