Well hey y’all! It’s so nice to have you drop by!    I’m Becky and I guess this is the page where I tell you a little bit about myself.  I’m Joseph’s wife.  I’m a mom to five. When I was a teenager, I used to spend hours coming up with baby names for my future children….I wanted six.  I settled on one name…Tiffany Marie.   That was it!   My children are Megan, Lauren, Alex, Josh and Noah.  Not a Tiffany in the bunch!   Maybe  Tiffany is that sixth child I never had!  Megan brought us Justin.  And together they gave us Holden, who calls me by my very favorite name, BeBe.   I’d heard rumors that grandkids were beyond fabulous.  If you have yet to be blessed with little grands, trust me when I tell you the rumors are true!  I posted a picture of the kids in my introduction post.   Here’s a picture of Holden.   Thought y’all might want a peek at him because 1) he’s so stinking cute and 2) without him, this blog would just be called “The Dye-aries”….b  o  r  i  n  g!!


My career of choice is not one that will ever make me wealthy but I am overflowing with with the riches of cuddles, giggles and sugars. I have been the daytime mommy to many sweet little ones.    I’ll share stories about some of the little cutie’s who have graced my home with their laughter and smiles as well.

I’m a homebody at heart who will always to the core of my being adore babies.  That’s why being an in-home daycare provider is so perfect for me!  I love many other things as well.  So in no particular order I love a good book….I don’t bother with the bad ones.   Date nights with the hubster where we sit in the dark and  get lost in a good movie then go out to have a quiet dinner at a table for two.   Rainy afternoons that nurture that homebody side of my personality.   70 degree days where I can sit on the back porch with my coffee and one of those good books and read while I listen to the birds sing. A handful of really good British TV shows…..more than a handful of American shows.  I do like to veg out in front of the TV at night.    Time with my friends when we can sit and talk, share a meal, laugh and maybe cry together.   Music….worship music with a good beat is my favorite.  Concerts….Shaun Cassidy was my first in 1977.  Chris Tomlin was my most recent in 2013.   Any and all reality singing shows.  I admit that I live vicariously through the contestants on these shows….the ones who can actually sing.  Not the ones whose Mommas have told them all their lives they could sing like angels…..love is not only blind, it can also be deaf!   Coffee…..with really good flavored creamer.  Now that I think about it, I think my love for Peppermint Mocha creamer is actually greater than my love for coffee!  Coffee is simply a vehicle. Spending time with my kids doing anything.   A roaring fire in the fireplace and all things cozy.  Candles, bubble baths and smelly good things.   Facebook and Pinterest.   The beach and the mountains….anywhere I can be and truly let it sink in just how majestic our God is.  And I like church…..yep, I do.

My biggest love is Jesus.  I hope you know Him.  If you don’t, I hope you’ll see Him all over the stories I share and come to love Him too.  He’s pretty awesome!

And I’ll leave you with a picture of me.   No matter how old I am, I’ll always be a work in progress!



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