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God Created FUN!


One of my favorite things to do is go to a concert..any concert.  I love watching my sons band concerts.   I love high school chorus performances.   And ever since 1977, when I sat on the 14th row and swooned over Shaun Cassidy , I’ve loved sitting in crowded arenas in the dark watching my favorite artists perform under extraordinary light shows.   I just love concerts!

And now I digress for just a second because I must share a picture I just found from the 1977 Shaun Cassidy tour.  And I know these pictures are from THAT tour because I can remember the heart attack I about had when he appeared as a shadow behind that big round screen!   If my sister is reading this, I hope this image brings back happy memories of our very first concert!   And how FUN is it that we live in a time where I can simply type some words in a search bar and find THIS???…


So back to the current subject at hand… I was very excited when we were invited to attend a concert with some friends last night.   It was a Christian concert with 4 different artists performing to benefit Water for Africa/blood-water.  Awesome cause and one that definitely tugged at my heart as they showed videos of African women walking miles to fill up their large buckets of water for the day.     Two of the artists who were to perform  were rather new, up and comers.   One I thought was a probably a “teeny bopper” band  simply based on their name!  The headliner was a band I’ve liked since the late ’90’s but had never seen in concert.   This would surely be good.

When we walked into the concert venue, it automatically felt different.   It was not  in a large, dark coliseum.  It was the gymnasium of a large Atlanta Christian high school.    Nice venue but it was very light.  Not at all like the darkish coliseums I was used to seeing concerts in .   That was #1 odd thing.   #2 odd thing was the crowd….it wasn’t.  Crowded that is.    I felt like I was at one of those high school band concerts.    As it drew closer to time for the show to begin, I panned the crowd and noticed how few people were there.  Then I immediately felt bad for the performers who would soon walk out to entertain us.   They’d SEE how few people were in attendance because it was , well, so light in there.     I hoped they’d still have fun performing for this very light crowd.

First guy to perform was great.   He serves as a worship leader in a large Atlanta church and his style of music was one I like.   Second performer was a young girl who reminded me very much of the character Scarlett on the TV show “Nashville”…just a girl and her guitar.   All quiet, simple praise and worship type music.   Then the mood completely changed…

After two very mild mannered, calm performers, the next band was a popular Christian  punk/ crunk band.  (What the heck is “Crunk” anyway??)  They came out with mini trampolines, crazy clothes, people in outlandish costumes parading and jumping around the stage and the biggest balloons I’ve ever seen.   The band members danced around like, well, crazy people.  I felt like I was at some crazy Zumba class!    How in the world would this small crowd of mostly 40 and uppers react to “crunk” music?    And will the image of many gray haired men and women “cranking their chainsaws” in the air ever leave my brain???

I have to say this band really left me confused!  They were suppose to be a Christian band and well, I heard chainsaws mentioned and wobbling.  But no mention of Jesus or God even .   Then they said it as if they  had just read the minds of every 40+ year old momma in the room……”God created FUN and we’re all about having fun.”   Oh …..’kay, now I get it!

But it left me wondering…..and I had a mission.   I was gonna go home and find every mention of the word “fun” in  the bible!  I couldn’t think of a single one off the top of my head.  And I do truly believe that God is creative and imaginative and fun.  I mean, just look around you!

So I pulled out my handy dandy ipad where I have YouVersion conveniently waiting for my every bible inquiry.    I would search the word “Fun” and find dozens of references I was sure.   And I did…..but it wasn’t exactly what I expected.   “Fun” was referenced dozens of times in many different versions of the bible but in a negative tone….”they make fun of me”…”having fun is crazy”…oh my gracious.   Lord help me because I KNOW you MUST endorse FUN!!   You created the beach and the mountains and music and food and so many other things we all consider fun!!  I just need one positive reference to “fun” and I can finish this little blog post…..

Then I found it ….yay!!   Ecclesiastes 8:15 (New Living Translation) says “So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun.”  

So whether your idea of fun looks like this…


Or this…


Just remember this…

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Because that really loud, energetic, crunk band was right!  God did indeed create fun!