These Are a Few of My Favorite…



There’s one question you can ask me that will stump me for hours. It’s not that it’s a particularly difficult , deep or terribly thought provoking question but I rarely have a quick answer for it.

What’s your favorite________? Fill in the blank…, color, TV show, movie, etc. etc. There are just too many things in life to love to pick a favorite anything!

I was challenged today with this super hard question wanting to know what my THREE favorite songs are and why? Oh good gravy!! Do you know how I’ll fret over this question for hours trying to figure this out? Songs are like kids to me. I love them all…..well, not rap songs. PLEASE no rap songs!! Is that really even music? I can’t possibly pick favorite songs for one big reason. With as many songs as have hit the airwaves of my very musical brain, my favorite “ear worm” changes daily. Today it’s a song from VBS this morning…”Can’t stop! Can’t stop singing! Whoa….o…o”! Over and over and over…….please make it stop!!!

That’s actually a great song and it is one of my favorites but if I was to actually tag it as a song that has effected my life and truly been a favorite, well, I couldn’t do that. As I’ve thought over this question, the three songs that popped into my head surprised me. None of them are songs that play over and over in the shuttle of songs in my head. But they are all three songs that create a great stream of emotions in me. If a song can make me feel something, can bring a tear to my eye, or a sweet memory EVERY time I hear it, I think it might have earned a place in my “favorites”. My answers may surprise you…


  1. “Pomp and Circumstance”….I dare you to stop what you’re doing right now and play this song in your head. If I stop too long and do this, I’m pretty sure tears will spring magically from my eyes and leave water spots on my shirt! I think of my own high school graduation and the joy I felt in finally being finished with school . Yes, this song was played at graduations even 152 years ago! And unfortunately , it was played at the high school and college graduations of each of my kids who has reached that milestone in their lives. After carefully making sure I looked just perfect for each of these events, two notes into “P and C” and I was a mess! Why can’t they just change this song? I think kids would enjoy marching down aisles in coliseums and around football fields to say, oh, Alice Cooper’s “Schools Out for Summer”. My mascara would not be in such danger if this was the song they graduated to. Because I’m sure it’s entirely the fault of “Pomp and Circumstance” that I have bawled my eyes out at every graduation I’ve attended. It IS! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
  1. “The Wedding March”…You know, the more traditional song that brides have walked down the aisle to join their groom for a million years. That song….that evil, evil song that causes me to pour rivers of tears down my freshly made up face every .. single…time! It doesn’t matter if the bride is the best friend of my second cousin’s hairdressers boyfriend or if she’s my own flesh and blood, I cannot stand dry eyed watching a bride walk down an aisle if THAT song is playing!! Period….

And lastly….

  1. “Jesus Loves Me”…Like most children raised in church, this is a song I can’t remember ever NOT knowing. Sadly, it became just rote words that lost a bit of their meaning for me until about 16 years ago. I was at a spiritual retreat… one where the love of Christ and the grace He pours out on us was so deeply embedded in me that my life was forever changed. On the last morning of this weekend retreat, we were woken up by a group of “angels” softly singing Jesus Love Me, except as they sang the words of this song, they changed the words to Jesus Loves YOU! I lay in my bed that morning, tears streaming down my face, as I fully grasped the truth wrapped in this song from my childhood. I’ve had many opportunities to return this song to others laying in the same bed I lay in that morning so many years ago. And guess what? More often than not, I have had to stop singing and just let the tears flow.


Adding a video to your post about your favorite songs wasn’t part of this Writing 101 challenge, but I found this video of Whitney Houston singing one of my 3 favorite songs.   So I’ll leave you with that today and hope that if you’ve read this or have taken the time to watch this video, you know how much Jesus does truly love you !


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