It’s All About Love


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I never wore a slip on my head pretending to be a bride…..though I always wanted to be one.

I never waltzed down my hallway carrying my mom’s silk flowers while my sisters sang “Here Comes the Bride”…..though I couldn’t wait for the day to come.

I never collected bride magazines or dreamed of the perfect dress….though I couldn’t wait to wear one.

I never had dreams of the perfect wedding on the perfect day with the perfect man…..though I knew some day it might happen. I was hopeful.

I never tried to impress a man with my great romantic skills because quite frankly, when it comes to planning the perfect romantic getaway, rendezvous, evening… well…I just don’t have it in me. For some reason, while God blessed me with many other abilities, creating romance was something He gave more of to the next guy in line. Perhaps that next guy in line was the hubster.

He’s the romantic one. He’s the one who gives cards and surprise gifts and flowers. He’s the one who hopefully woos and through our 24 years of doing life together, he has learned to not expect much in return from me….except maybe shaved legs! Maybe….if it’s winter, all bets are off on the leg thing!

He’s the one, who on the night of the 10th anniversary of our first date, planned the all out perfect romantic date. It included arranging for a lobster dinner to be cooked and served to us in a private, exquisitely decorated room at Tanner’s CHICKEN Restaurant because that’s where our first date was. No, they don’t have lobster on the menu at this chicken joint. They also don’t have private dining rooms decorated all in my favorite color and twinkly lights. But he arranged for it all to happen . And I loved it. It was that night I decided to stop any and all attempts at feigning a romantic bone in my body. I could never come up with such an elaborate, romantic plan. I could never in my tiny unromantic mind ever even come close to matching this huge display of romanticism.

And I’m OK with that. Because in my admittedly old fashioned mind, I want to be wooed and pursued……….

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.”…Ephesians 5:25 (NIV)

Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life.”…Psalm 23:6 (Message)

Guys are to love their gals just like Christ loves the church. Y’all, He gave up His life for the church. That’s pretty intense love! Christ pursues us and He’s good at it. God woos us. His love chases after us EVERY day. So if husbands are to love like Christ, then I totally see this as an out for my lack of romantic notions! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!…..please don’t show me anything that states the woman is to be the romantic evening planner!!! ) Being like Christ, these husbands are to woo and pursue us and we love and respect in response.


Here we are.  Mr. Romance himself and me at our daughter’s wedding.

Before I totally lose my single friends or my friends in less than Christ-like marriages, know this.


No man…..ever!

Yesterday was Valentines Day or “Singles Awareness Day” as some have been known to call it. I know this is a day where many hearts hurt . Hearts that have lost love. Hearts that feel they may never find love. Hearts that are not loved well. Know that regardless of your current “love status”, you ARE being pursued and wooed by the Creator of love itself. By the One who IS love…….

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because GOD IS LOVE”…1John 4:8

And there’s more….”His love endures forever”……”Since God so loved us”…..”For God so loved the world….”and it goes on and on and on. I simply can’t reference all the many ways God spells out love for us.

Human love fails. God’s doesn’t.

Human love comes and goes. God’s sticks around always.

Human love is wishy washy. God’s love is solid.

God provided the perfect, forever Valentine!

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