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Promises Promises


I wonder if he ran around tossing his toys all over the living room.

I wonder if he loved smearing his black beans all over his face….then all down his shirt. Did he then take his gooey bean covered hands and run them through his hair?

I wonder if he loved running around , squealing at the top of his lungs for all to hear.

I wonder if he ran from his momma in hopes she would chase him around the yard and follow him wherever he went .

I wonder if at the end of the day he was covered in the evidence of all the fun he had had during the day.

I wonder about his momma, too. Did she pick up every mess he made or did she leave it till the end of the day when her energetic toddler was finally asleep? Did she keep buckets of water around to clean his hands and face and gooey food covered hair? Did she have the energy to chase her precious son around the yard as he gleefully begged her to play? Did she just collapse at the end of the day from shear exhaustion?

I mean, come on….

She was old. I mean super old. Ancient even. Grandma age. No….make that great grandma age. Yet in spite of that, she became a first time mommy at the ripe old age of 90.


She was nearly double my age.

These thoughts have crossed my mind over the past 48 hours or so because I’ve had the joy of having my precious 20 month old grandson for the weekend. Oh, that boy! I love him so! I cherish each and every second I get with him.

And now , please humor me as I take a pause to share some pictures of my very favorite 20 month old boy in the whole world……


Such joy in simply chasing bubbles…


He discovered it takes less effort and he can slide again quicker if he just goes down on his belly…..


Wheeeeeee…….and this is a true version of the speed he moves about on foot all day long!


Yummy!   This kid loves black beans.   They’re such fun!

When we agreed to take him for this weekend, we knew we had other plans. Well, I should say JoePa had other plans. There would be work to do getting more of our flood damage repaired. He was also going to be the guest speaker at a local church on Sunday morning. So going into this weekend, I knew that the bulk of the responsibility of watching Holden would be mine. I was OK with that because as I’ve already said, every second I get to spend with Holdey Poo is one I cherish. But it’s caused me to have some random thoughts. So here you go…

Random thought #1...God has done many brilliant things since the dawn of time but making humans most reproducible while we’re in our 20’s and 30’s was amongst His most brilliant.

Random thought #2 The radio station I listen to most often interviewed a 54 year old local woman who just found out that what she thought was menopause was really her next baby. She’s considering giving this baby to her infertile daughter to raise. Great idea!

Random thought #3... Good golly! Holden is so cute. He should be a baby super model!


Random thought #4I wish there was a way to bottle up the energy of a toddler so that old grannies like me could take a whiff of it later …… or while said toddler is wanting to be lifted onto the slide for the 75th time in a row…and have instant toddler energy! I’d be a gazillion-aire if I could figure out how to do this!

Random Thought #5...Holden has some favorite words that I heard over and over throughout the weekend. Lala (otherwise known as Aunt Lauren), Mama, Dadda, BeBe, beep beep (when he rides a car) and Huh. JoePa gave it his best effort to convince Holden to say “JoePa” to no avail. He may decide to let Holden call him whatever name becomes easiest for him to say. I’m thinking BeBe and Huh could be awesome grandparent names!

Random Thought #6...While I watch children professionally every day of the week, it is exhausting to have full charge of a 20 month old 24 hours a day. But bring on the exhaustion!! This kid takes 3 hour long naps during the day. Thank You Jesus for BeBe naptime too!

Random Thought #7I have no right to claim exhaustion as a young, sprite 50 year old woman when Sarah gave birth at the age of 90. Shewie……….

Exhaustion. Did Sarah consider the fact that the older she got, the more tiring it would be to raise a child of her own? I don’t think so because she continued to want that child. And God PROMISED it to her. He PROMISED!

I wonder now as the years crept up on her, did she ever doubt God. As she celebrated her 50th birthday? Her 60th? Her 70th? Her 80th? Surely she felt God had forgotten her. Her friends were all mothers. Her maidservant became a mother FOR her……oh Lord, what in the world was she thinking on that one???

God’s timing is always perfect. We have to remember that only He sees the whole big picture. To us, his timing may seem off at times. I’m sure to Sarah, God’s timing was a bit odd. But we find in Genesis 21 that God does not withhold the fulfillment of a promise He makes…..

Now the LORD was gracious to Sarah as He  had said, and the LORD did for Sarah what He had promised. Sarah become pregnant and bore a son to Abraham in his old age at the very time God has promised him. Abraham gave the name Isaac to the son Sarah bore him.”….Gen 21:1-3

Sarah was 90. Her old man husband Abraham was 100.

And all I can say about that is Praise You Jesus for somewhere in time changing Your mind about the appropriate age for women to bear children!!

God promised . God fulfilled.

Sweet Blog Reading Friends, if you are still waiting on something you know God has promised you, remember Sarah. God’s timing surely seemed slow and endless to her but in the end, there was no better time for sweet baby Isaac to come into the world. God’s timing was perfect then.

And it’s perfect now. So don’t lose faith if you’re still waiting. And in the waiting, give a shout of praise because you know God is working out His promise to you……..and because you know you’ll likely never be a 90 year old with a newborn baby!

Thank You Jesus!


It’s All About Love


images (2)

I never wore a slip on my head pretending to be a bride…..though I always wanted to be one.

I never waltzed down my hallway carrying my mom’s silk flowers while my sisters sang “Here Comes the Bride”…..though I couldn’t wait for the day to come.

I never collected bride magazines or dreamed of the perfect dress….though I couldn’t wait to wear one.

I never had dreams of the perfect wedding on the perfect day with the perfect man…..though I knew some day it might happen. I was hopeful.

I never tried to impress a man with my great romantic skills because quite frankly, when it comes to planning the perfect romantic getaway, rendezvous, evening… well…I just don’t have it in me. For some reason, while God blessed me with many other abilities, creating romance was something He gave more of to the next guy in line. Perhaps that next guy in line was the hubster.

He’s the romantic one. He’s the one who gives cards and surprise gifts and flowers. He’s the one who hopefully woos and through our 24 years of doing life together, he has learned to not expect much in return from me….except maybe shaved legs! Maybe….if it’s winter, all bets are off on the leg thing!

He’s the one, who on the night of the 10th anniversary of our first date, planned the all out perfect romantic date. It included arranging for a lobster dinner to be cooked and served to us in a private, exquisitely decorated room at Tanner’s CHICKEN Restaurant because that’s where our first date was. No, they don’t have lobster on the menu at this chicken joint. They also don’t have private dining rooms decorated all in my favorite color and twinkly lights. But he arranged for it all to happen . And I loved it. It was that night I decided to stop any and all attempts at feigning a romantic bone in my body. I could never come up with such an elaborate, romantic plan. I could never in my tiny unromantic mind ever even come close to matching this huge display of romanticism.

And I’m OK with that. Because in my admittedly old fashioned mind, I want to be wooed and pursued……….

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.”…Ephesians 5:25 (NIV)

Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life.”…Psalm 23:6 (Message)

Guys are to love their gals just like Christ loves the church. Y’all, He gave up His life for the church. That’s pretty intense love! Christ pursues us and He’s good at it. God woos us. His love chases after us EVERY day. So if husbands are to love like Christ, then I totally see this as an out for my lack of romantic notions! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!…..please don’t show me anything that states the woman is to be the romantic evening planner!!! ) Being like Christ, these husbands are to woo and pursue us and we love and respect in response.


Here we are.  Mr. Romance himself and me at our daughter’s wedding.

Before I totally lose my single friends or my friends in less than Christ-like marriages, know this.


No man…..ever!

Yesterday was Valentines Day or “Singles Awareness Day” as some have been known to call it. I know this is a day where many hearts hurt . Hearts that have lost love. Hearts that feel they may never find love. Hearts that are not loved well. Know that regardless of your current “love status”, you ARE being pursued and wooed by the Creator of love itself. By the One who IS love…….

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because GOD IS LOVE”…1John 4:8

And there’s more….”His love endures forever”……”Since God so loved us”…..”For God so loved the world….”and it goes on and on and on. I simply can’t reference all the many ways God spells out love for us.

Human love fails. God’s doesn’t.

Human love comes and goes. God’s sticks around always.

Human love is wishy washy. God’s love is solid.

God provided the perfect, forever Valentine!

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Where Are You?????


It makes me crazy…..



I get sweaty. My heart starts racing. I can’t breathe as well as I did before that thing that makes me crazy started. What is this thing that turns me into a crazy, claustrophobic, nervous wreck?


The kind of crowds where you can’t walk by someone without bumping them with your purse or smelling what they had for lunch 2 hours ago. The kind of crowd that rock stars love as they add up the dollars in their pockets. The kind of crowd where you wish you were at least without children to watch over.

They were 18 months and 3 years old. The museum was new and every mom, dad and kid within a 100 mile radius was there that day. I knew we should’ve waited another week or two but we were bored with nothing to do and this seemed like a fun thing to do with the girls. But as we were sitting in our uncrowded living room that morning, I could convince myself that nobody else but us had heard of this grand opening shin dig and we’d be the only ones there. We’d surely have the place to ourselves so the girls could run around and touch things and learn with every new stop at a giant bubble maker or static electricity ball! It would be great……..

Reality was different! Isn’t it always? Within about 10 minutes of being at this great fun, learning place I was a wreck. Oh I didn’t let it show too much…..until I couldn’t find my baby girl. Megan was holding my hand but where was Lauren?

I panicked! Here we were in a sea of people who were all suddenly kin to the person who took the Lindburg baby! Where was Lauren? I was sure someone had snatched her up right underneath my nose. I frantically began calling her name and moving through the crowd as quickly as I could manage. I couldn’t believe in that short period of time I had lost my child. I began to frantically call out “Lauren, where are you?” I was a total and complete mess…….


 Here is sweet little Lauren a few months before I so rudely lost her in that big, stinky, crowded museum!

Flash forward , oh, about 24 years. I’m older, and wiser. And so is Lauren. She’s no longer a baby but you know how it is…..she’ll still be my baby when I’m 95 and she’s 70! Y’all may have heard about the “Snowpocolypse” that hit Atlanta in late January. I’m afraid we were the laughing stock of many northerners . National news ran stories on this storm. Talk shows talked about it. Even Saturday Night Live included a spot on Weekend Update about it….everything just went completely “caddywhompus!”. All over 2 inches of snow.


It’s all fun and games until someone you love is stuck in it! As people were sitting in their warm, safe homes far from the madding crowd in Georgia , likely making fun of what was going down in Atlanta, the reality was quite different. It wasn’t just snow. It was thick ice on the roads. And it was millions (yes, MILLIONS!…I rarely ever exaggerate!) of people stuck in their cars on Atlanta Interstates and back roads trying to get home. I was safe at home but Lauren, once again found herself stuck and lost in a crowd. And this momma heart was calling out to her “Lauren, where are you??” I was afraid to call her too much because I wanted her full attention on the treacherous road she was facing. But I could barely stand not knowing where she was. So I called people I thought may have reached out to her during the day to see if they had heard from her and knew where she was. Megan had talked to her. And Susan had talked to her and while that relieved me to an extent I still wished for a minute by minute report on where my girl was. For the most part, I was able to control my need to stay on the phone with her and get hourly updates. I only buckled twice during Lauren’s 12 hour journey down a 10 mile strip of road. During that first phone call , she requested something of me that was really just second nature for me at this point in my life….

Mom, will you please pray for me?”

So while in the flesh I was worried to death about my girl……were other drivers being safe around her; was she staying out of the ditch; was she driving slow enough; was she hungry, thirsty, did she need to go to the bathroom; will she make it safely to Susan’s…..I knew in my spirit that God was with her. I knew that He’d heard the prayers of this Momma and He would in deed protect her from harm. And I had peace.

She might have been lost in that crowd of crazy on Dallas Highway, but she was securely found and safe in the grasp of Jesus. I admit though that even while trusting my daughter’s life and well being into the Hands of the One far more capable than me , I did not close my eyes that night until she called me at midnight saying she was at her destination. Thank You Jesus!

One thing that being a parent has done for me is it’s given me the ability to see more clearly how God must love and care for us. I know how much I love my children. How much more does God love and care for US? He’s the ultimate parent! When even one of us is lost, He pursues us until He finds us……until we find Him.

What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off? And if he finds it, I tell you the truth, he is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety nine that did not wander off. In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.” …Matthew 18: 12-14

Pretty sweet words right there! Whether we are figuratively lost and just far from a good place with Jesus or whether we’re literally lost and just not sure which way to go next, He is with us. He’s the ultimate Mapquest!

If I could go back in time and talk to my 26 year old self standing frightened and beside herself with worry in that overcrowded museum that day, I’d say this….”Take a deep breath and don’t worry. God is always with you and He has this. He’s with Lauren and loves her more than you’ll ever be able to. Trust in His protection and care always. …….And by the way, take a look at what you’re holding in your left arm”.

What was in my left arm was my precious one year old giving me the oddest look! What I thought was lost, was right within my grasp. No….it WAS in my grasp. Holding on to me . I had let fear so overcome me that I didn’t even realize that I had been holding Lauren the entire time. Don’t laugh ….at least not too loudly! We’ve all lost things that were right in front of us. At least humor me and pretend you’ve done this too!

So 26 Year Old Self, next time you find yourself so scared over something you can’t see straight, take a good hard soul search and know beyond any shadow of a doubt that Jesus is there holding tight to your hand. He will never ever ever let go.